Is ‘Hanging Out’ The Correct Verbiage for This?

So… you wanna hang out sometime?

4 min readAug 14, 2017


In an older age, pre smartphones and digital footprints there was a thing called ‘dating.’ Now, I feel like it’s an ancient, prehistoric animal that has gone into extinction. We no longer use this term, like it’s buried and gone without ever returning.

“Let’s hangout sometime.”

It cracks me up, and I can understand this relaxed, easy going verbiage for a male and female spending time together. We don’t need to define a relationship when we hang out. Even if this is essentially for fucking each other until we’re sweaty, exhausted, and panting.

“Thanks for hanging out with me.”

I’m a dual woman, where I have platonic friendships and others I care not to define. My only wish is to have fun, understand more about myself, with the goal of not hurting anyone. Which is why I like to be straight up about expectations and what my plan is.

Let’s Not Define What This Is

Hanging out is something which is random and doesn’t need to be defined. There is the thing of it could be watching TV, having lunch, or in my case physical sports with male friends. I feel like being within the dinner zone borders more on the dating edge.

I don’t want to be a girlfriend or do the whole ‘date’ thing. I want to be free, to travel, and to be me. I’m debating going to another country before this year is up. I like to disappear off the planet and have no one reach me for two weeks.

Let me be what I am and don’t expect me to be anything else. Don’t demand for me to be anything except this. I will do the same for you, supporting you through whatever you go through. If I keep contacting you and seeing you in person again you’re now considered a friend. That’s a big thing and a rare spot to have, because I’m more of a One woman show.

The world has changed since I’ve been tied to someone. It’s a whole game zone of playing coy and choosing your words wisely.

The Let’s Fuck Scenario by Yours Truly

“What would you like to do?”

“You know what I want to do.”

I’m at a salsa event and stepped outside to hear him clearer. I can literally feel the smile on his face. He’s trying to pull information from me like someone who is extracting teeth.

“What’s that?” he’s asking me. And he should know better than to ask questions I can only give blunt answers to.

“I want to fuck you. Is it okay if I go over to your place?”

He laughs on the other side of the phone line. I bite my lip and repress a chuckle myself too. He’s one of the few I’ll let unlock me like he holds the key to my body.

There’s no pussyfooting with me. I shock people more times than I care to count. There’s very few men that I’d willingly give my body to, so if they have the key to it, and we’re both free then it’s on.

One woman I talked to said I should play hard to get with one of the few where I can’t get a hold of them. My head tilted to the side, lips pursed, as I considered her words.

“I don’t talk to any of my friends for weeks. Even a month, I’m not playing a game. I really don’t know what the fuck to say.”

I’m not a daily contact type of person. I’m the long, emotional distance where you meet me, say hello, and we fall into an endless silence. With the one guy I know his job, that within law enforcement, is a fucking crazy one. So, the checking up once or twice a week is to make sure he’s still in tact.

He’s also cute as fuck and so fascinating. We have the same black sheep situation with our families. Sorry, it’s a thing, so I would like to eventually see him. But, all of my friends their schedules tend to be crazy. And, mine is as well with working six or seven days in a row. I don’t have much energy left to be a jester.

I’d rather go to events by myself because then I can be quiet. I don’t need to put everything out there energy wise. The only one I need to check in with is myself. There’s also this strange ability to meet more people that want to be my ‘friends.’ They are probably and most definitely seasonal, but I tend to keep people away from the edge of getting to know me.

It’s too dark what I truly am. The best comedians have the most fucked up existences they’ve lived. It couldn’t be more true with me, I use my humor as a self defense mechanism. It works like a charm every time.

There’s rules that may need to be followed. I’m unaware of what they are. The only thing I know is what works for me.

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