Our Sex Speaks Poetry

1 min readFeb 23, 2022

A Poem

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Our sex speaks poetry to me
how you move like a locomotion
something meant to stop only when
we get enough, but we never
get enough
satiation is for satisfaction
that isn’t just guaranteed
it’s a commodity we
praise ourselves in

how I raise above your body
kiss like butterfly wings
finding what brings you pleasure
and measure each intake

sharp against tongue
how sighs speak their
own language only
we know. Your fingertips
glide over curves

like syllables to
a stanza
everything you do
is lyrical persuasion

circumvent circumstance
to be proactive choice
to all my deliberations
and dilemmas. When
I taste chocolate sacrifice
of your skin I waste
no time in bowing
before your bounty.

You culminate my mind
until we are of one
how I celebrate
your body inside
of my covenant cove
enjoy the utilization
of verbs that contain
words we only say
to each other, I tell you
with eyebrow raises
how I want you simply

and skin ripples
like a pond
and my heart
is a skipping stone
only you know how to hold
show me how
that mouth moves
and I’ll show you
what mine

can do.


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