Old Fashioned Sex

How will I play with you? Let me count the ways.

7 min readAug 29, 2017

The old fashioned drinks permeate my breath. I withhold my inner freak always looking for a new playmate to play with. My teeth gnaw into my bottom lip and music plays on his car radio. The leather seat supports my back and his dark, deep brown eyes look me over. We’ve ended up in his car and I feel my sexual walls breaking down in this space.

I decide to ask one of the questions that has been pestering me. That being what drew him to engage me in the first place.

“What made you want to talk to me? Like, I’ve been thinking about having my hands in your hair.”

“Your face, and that picture of you in a dress made my imagination run.”

“My face? Ha, really?” I say with a chuckle.

“Yeah, you have a really pretty face it’s what I first noticed. That first photo where it’s slicked back in this Mohawk.”

I look away at the sincerity in his tone. My eyes dart back to his bearded face. Before I know it I’m leaning toward him. My eyes look directly into his deep, dark brown depths. I do exactly what I’ve wanted to since I noticed him playing with his hair.

I run my fingers through his longer locks. He closes his eyes in this beautiful expression of surrender. I test him with entwining a few locks in between my digits and I pull.

His breath catches and he moans slightly. My teeth bite into my bottom lip at the sound.

“Oh goodness, I knew you’d be trouble and this would be terrible. I’ve wanted to do this since I saw you have long hair. You love this, don’t you?”

I ask and I pull his head to the side. He moves his head wherever I damn well please for it to be. His full lips part with a subdued sigh. My mind goes to how they’d feel devouring my body slowly but surely.

“Yes, I do. You’re figuring things out that I haven’t had any other woman know. Or, honestly, I haven’t really known myself either.”

I continue to gently play with his hair and occasionally pull on it roughly, testing his reactions. Each time his eyes roll up into his head with this pounce inducing expression of bliss and being incredibly turned on.

I find myself leaning into his body and kissing his ear gently. He shudders beneath my lips and I bring them down to his neck. My fingernails drag down his hair into the back of his skull. As I kiss his skin I pull him forcefully away with his hair.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispers.

His voice is barely heard, only an expelled breath. He’s visibly turned on and isn’t trying to hide it from me like most men I’ve explored with. This doesn’t help my restraint in seeing what else I can do to him and how he’ll react to it all.

“Mmm, you’re so much fun,” I whisper in a lustful voice.

He looks at me in a way that turns my submissive side on. His fingers slide under my chin and he cups it to tilt my face up. I look at him with a question of what exactly does he have planned for a counter attack.

KW crawls over the car’s stick shift and closer to me. His lips touch my neck and he yanks my hair just like I had. I moan as he owns my skin with rampant, desire induced kisses.

My body bucks away from him claiming me. I gasp for breath like I’ve been held under water and I’ve been deprived of oxygen.

We stare at each other in an obvious stalemate.

“I like being dominated, but I love to dominant. It’s a thing.”

“Sounds like you’re a Switch,” he says a matter of factly.

I laugh and shove my hand inside of his button down shirt.

“I am, but it’s this constant duality. I want this, I don’t, I’ll give in, I refuse to. I guess it makes me fun?”

I go back to owning this darkly handsome man’s body as my personal playground. My fingers undo buttons on his shirt and I shove my hand as far down as I can. My teeth nip his ear, neck, and he gives in with groans and sighs.

“I want you handcuffed so bad,” he whispers hotly in my ear.

I bolt away from his body with an explosive motion. He chuckles at my sudden escape. There’s moments he occasionally turns the tables on me and forces me against the car seat.

My breath comes out in appreciative gasps at his lips running down my body. He grips my tits occasionally and tries to deftly remove them from my lacy black bra. I find ways of blocking his attempts since these are my weak points.

There’s a part of me that just wants his lips on them. Sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue around the nipple. Then sinking his teeth into my tit to bite it as I let out an ecstasy induced scream.

“And what would you do with me handcuffed?” my voice has an expectant edge to it.

The men I’ve been with lately keep quiet and like to keep me guessing about their intentions. I enjoy the verbal interplay between KW and I.

“I don’t want to admit it, I don’t want to seem like you know… a creep or something,” his voice trails off.

I know how it is admitting fantasies. Saying what you’d like to do to someone opens you up to rejection. I smile at him and play with his hair gently. My fingers brush through the black strands down to the tips ever so lightly and softly to the roots.

“Don’t worry, you can tell me.”

He takes a deep breath in and I see the desire in his eyes.

“I love asses and yours is amazing. So, I’d smack it hard and leave marks. I might possibly use a belt. Then I’d suck your tits like crazy.”

“Mmmm, I love the sound of all of that.”

His finger brushes up against my lips and I chase it. Each time it stays longer and I finally capture it within my mouth. I suck on it with a repressed moan. My head bobs up and down and I impale it into the back of my throat.

“Holy shit, that’s incredible.”

I look up at him with my color changing Hazel eyes. My head moved in a brief nod with a minx-like smile before I close them. I run my tongue up and around the tip. When I remove it he stares at me open mouthed.

“Do you like tasting yourself? Have you ever?” he asks me curiously.

“I do, my favorite is to put it on my tit and then… ya know… lick it off,” I giggle a little.

“Oh holy fuck. I’d help you with that. You love giving someone pleasure, don’t you? I’m the same way.”

I nod my head with a smile. Car lights enter and leave as people leave the side street parking. I find myself mainly focused on him and I bite his neck lightly. As I move away from my attack his lips press against mine. I’m aware of what he’s doing and I press against his lips in our first kiss.

I realize what I’ve allowed to happen too late. My curvy body bucks away and I eyeball him. He laughs at my expression with a silent question on his face.

“I hate kissing people. It can get emotions involved, I’m not a fan of that shit.

“I enjoy it because it feels good.”

“Hmmm, it does feel good,” I concede.

He teases me about my duality with loving what we’re doing and then saying it’s terrible. I admit I was so well behaved before being in a car was offered to me. We look at each other and I smile at him.

I love looking into someone’s eyes trying to access if I will or won’t kiss them. I grab KW’s wavy hair and pull it roughly. He closes his eyes with his mouth half parted in a quiet moan. His breath comes out in quiet breaths.

I take this opportunity to crush our lips together. His tongue traces and enters my mouth. He’s a talented kisser and his beard tickles my chin. We press together and his hands try to push into my tight jeans. I feel him gripping my ass hard and I love it. He smacks it and with each hit I let out a squeal of delight.

I imagine being restrained as he hits this sensitive area as he pleases. His tempo and intensity increasing while I’m left to only gasp and wiggle away. I bite my lip at the thought and pull away just as he gives my jean covered ass an especially hard smack.

We part from each other and he stares at me. I feel exposed, like a raw nerve with the way he looks at me.

“Your body is so beautiful.”

“Oh, wow, I mean…” my voice trails off as I blush.

I run my fingers through my shoulder length, brown hair awkwardly. I think that he can sense that I’ve actually gotten uncomfortable for the first time. He gives me a bashful grin as he studies my reaction.

“I can change the word from beautiful to something else.”

“No, beautiful is great, I just don’t hear it that often, if ever if someone is describing my body, thank you.”

I unbutton all of the buttons on his shirt. I run my fingers across his chest and touch his side. A lone fingernail grazes his skin and I lean into his body again.

My tongue darts out to trace the curves of his ear. I suck on his ear lobe and he lets out a groan. He tells me if I keep up this torturous foreplay up he’ll get more than blue balls.

“Ugh, this is terrible,” I mumble.

“I’m starting to realize your definition of terrible is actually quite a good thing.”

I laugh and our bodies tangle together. We fit together like corresponding pieces in a sexual jigsaw puzzle.

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