The Law Ruling Over A Resting Body

A Poem

1 min readAug 10, 2020


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The first law of motion states:
An object at rest stays at rest,
and an object in motion stays in motion.

These laws might rule over
my resting body as I keep
staying within a state
of isolation, unmoving
still and quiet
if my body refuses
to get into motion
if the propelling and action
of my movement is stopped
by say, a blockade
or physical, where can I continue
to keep its motion and
that’s when science melds
with real-life as the days
become a constant, yet evolving form
masks becoming commonplace
my state of work unmoving
and the first law of motion
states that a body in motion
keeps momentum
yet a still object
loses that force
and I’m afraid
my ability to keep moving
will be prohibited
by the blocks in my path
that I can’t clear,
I don’t have the power
so I admit a lack
of control and
move in the small
boxes and circles
within my apartment
to keep the feel
of movement
still alive
within me.




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